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Space experiment support and operations

The Belgian User Support and Operation Centre (B.USOC), hosted at BIRA-IASB since its creation in 1999, aims to provide engineering and operational support to Belgian scientists in the preparation, implementation and exploitation of their experiments/mission, regardless of the space research field.

As part of the Belgian contribution to the International Space Station, the B.USOC is also an ESA Facility Responsible Centre for payloads on board the Columbus module, currently:

  • external Atmosphere-Space Interactions Monitor (ASIM)
  • pressurized Fluid Science Laboratory (FSL)

For those facilities, B.USOC is in charge of:

  • preparation and execution of the operations
  • tele-commanding and monitoring of the experiments
  • data transfer to the scientists
We are proud to present a new introductory film, in which the Royal Belgian Institute is being presented in all its facets. Discover the many fields of research and societal challenges in which the Institute is active.
On March 6, American astronaut Jessica Meir will be replacing experiments within the Fluid Science Laboratory (FSL) rack in the European module on-board the International Space Station (ISS).
The SOLAR instrument will dive back to Earth on Monday, January 13 2020 to burn up in the atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean.
Interview on RTBF JT News from B.USOC, about the Starliner test flight for NASA.
The Multiscale Boiling (or RUBI) experiment is a fluid science experiment addressing the fundamentals of the boiling of fluids.
The ‘Comet Interceptor’ has been selected as ESA’s new fast-class mission in its Cosmic Vision Programme. Comprising three spacecraft, it will be the first to visit a truly pristine comet.
Precise measurement of the solar spectrum outside the atmosphere and its variability.
The Danish ASIM experiment was installed on the outside of the European Columbus module of the ISS.