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Supporting services

Server Room BIRA-IASB
To enable the continuous management of data flows, growing storage (equivalent to more than five times the Netflix catalogue and +10%/year) and data mining (300,000,000 objects), an arsenal of techniques and technologies must be exploited.
Auroral arc captured by all sky camera
Aurora can be studied by investigating the polarisation of the observed light with the polarimeter instrument ASPA based on passive optical filtering.
Logo of the EnVision mission
For the new mission to Venus called EnVision, BIRA-IASB’s Engineering department is heavily involved in the design of VenSpec-H.
Responsive Web Design
BIRA-IASB published a new website with an important focus on education, but also on regular reporting of important findings of our science and engineering teams.
Appealing and dynamic presentation film BIRA-IASB
BIRA-IASB created an appealing and dynamic presentation film about the work accomplished by all researchers and support services.
ORA instrument tests
Digitizing all visual material inherited from the generations of scientists to safeguard both the scientific and human heritage from loss or degradation.
Outside event light workshop
BIRA-IASB offers numerous educational activities and also participates in various events to promote science on the initiative of communities, local authorities or the academic world.
Open science logo
Folllowing the open science movement, BIRA-IASB’s documentation center modifies its institutional Research Data Repository and publication repository
The 2018 Open Doors
Through a wide range of public outreach activities the BIRA-IASB institute tries to bring its knowledge and expertise to the general public.
Open Doors allow visitors to find answers to their questions
During the weekend of 29 and 30 October 2018, the Uccle site opened its doors to the general public.
IT support for the research activities of the institute
On top of the standard IT portfolio, the Aeronomy IT service provides additional specialised support for the research activities of the institute.
DOAS on the back of a bike to "sniff” the air while you ride
Localize pollution and monitor its composition from a bike thanks to the Bike-DOAS box, which is easily and securely mountable on the luggage rack of any bike.
Electronics hardware that truly creates the ALTIUS heartbeat
In 2022 ALTIUS will be circling around the Earth, keeping a close eye on the amount of ozone in our air. Deeply hidden in the body of the ALTIUS spectrometer is a piece of electronics hardware that truly creates the heartbeat of this unique instrument.
Digitizing the institute's publications and making them accessible to the public
The documentation center is engaged in digitizing the institute's publications and making them accessible to the public via ORFEO, the Federal Open Access Repository.