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Mission operations

Solar observatory

SOLARWithin the general framework of the Columbus mission of the European Space Agency (ESA), BUSOC has, since the launch, been the Facility Responsible Centre (ESA/FRC) for the solar observatory installed on an external pallet of the Columbus module.

Three instruments make up the solar observatory (SOLAR) payload. These three complementary instruments, SOVIM, SOLSPEC and SOLACES, measure with a remarkable degree of accuracy the spectral energy irradiance of the Sun, over virtually the entire spectrum. (Image credits ESA - NASA)


PICARD Scientific Mission Centre

PicardIn this period of climate change, Picard joins forces with other missions to help clarify the links between the solar cycle and changes in terrestrial temperatures.

In order to better understand the future influence of the Sun on the Earth, Picard is also looking to the past, particularly by studying the links between changes in solar activity and certain climatic events.

Ground control of the in-orbit operations of PICARD is provided by the PICARD Scientific Mission Centre (CMS-P) situated at B.USOC in the facilities of BIRA-IASB.


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