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Air quality

Examples of BIRA-IASB implications in air quality studies


International collaborations for forecasting, monitoring and reporting

GMESMore generally, BIRA-IASB actively collaborates with PROMOTE, an international project within the European Space Agency's Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) Service Element (GSE) programme.

The main objective of PROMOTE is to deliver sustainable and reliable operational services to support informed decisions on atmospheric policy issues (forecasting, monitoring and reporting duties of European environmental agencies).

For instance, concrete records of air pollutants and daily updates of pollution situations are delivered to the public thus helping it to adjust its behaviour accordingly.


Air Quality Services

And finally, since 2006, BIRA-IASB and the DG of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate of Environment Canada concluded a cooperation agreement for the establishment of forecasting and warning services in terms of air quality and pollution for the Civil society.

So was born BACCHUS (Belgium and Canada for Chemical Weather User-Oriented Services) which is a system coupling a data assimilation model of atmospheric chemistry and a transport model. Its purpose is to determine the air quality and distribution of ozone on the global scale.


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