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Air quality

Air pollution has a severe impact on health and environment.

Air quality instruments such as TROPOMI onboard Sentinel-5P, enable more detailed than ever detection of:

  • pollution emitters at city level
  • small-scale atmospheric effects on regional climate change
  • aviation hazards due to volcanic eruptions

In order to ensure that products delivered by satellite sensors meet user requirements in terms of accuracy, precision and fitness for purpose, BIRA-IASB developed a robust validation strategy relying on well-established and traceable reference measurements.

The lockdown of various cities in the Chinese province of Hubei halted an entire community. The impact on air quality is clearly perceptible from space.
BIRA-IASB received official ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observation System) label for the Maïdo station on Reunion Island.
Space-based measurements indicate that Central Africa is a global hotspot of formaldehyde (H2CO).