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Chemistry & Physics of Atmospheres

BIRA-IASB studies the Earth’s stratosphere by looking at ozone depletion and related key parameters like volcanic aerosols, polar stratospheric clouds and halogenated compounds. Long-term changes are evaluated and forecasting capabilities have been developed. The research supports the Montreal Protocol on the protection of the ozone layer.

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BIRA-IASB examines the solar radiation and its penetration to the surfaces of the Earth. It monitors the long-term changes of the UV radiation. BIRA-IASB also contributes to research on planetary atmospheres, in particular Mars and Venus.

Image above: BIRA-IASB leads a limb remote sounding experiment ALTIUS on board a Belgian microsatellite.

Different aspects of the vast subject of chemistry and physics of atmospheres are dealt with in the BIRA-IASB operational divisions Atmospheric Composition, and Solar radiation in Atmospheres.


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